Thursday, September 28, 2006

Too old for that

A team of students is investigating the use of social bookmarking in academic education as placement project [1]. I had coffee with two of them yesterday. Of course, the conversation turned to the social web, and came onto the myspace-phenonemon (which in Holland means

Student #1: "Well, I used to be on hyves... but I'm too old for that now."

Student #2: "Yeah, now you've got a girlfriend."

Mind you, these guys are barely twenty.

The technology gap is no longer one wide crack between generations. We're dealing with technology craquelée! [2] Not that this makes it easier to bridge it, but at least the burden's distributed more evenly.

Back to work - preparing for a presentation of Ex Libris' Primo tomorrow. Eager!

[1] the results of which will be published in the open, of course.
[2] technology craquelée, it sounds like the perfect name for a blog.


Wow!ter said...

That makes us dinosaurs?

Jonh Neo said...
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