Thursday, February 21, 2008

We have a tender!

Quite a long time ago I started what I hoped would be a series on UHF vs HF RFID. That proved most optimistic, and the real world came in the way.

However, after a *lot* of work the past weeks and months, which I could not write about - oh the horror - I can safely announce that we have sent our Tender Request off to TED (Tenders European Daily). This is the followup to an earlier pre-announcement we made on TED - which is handy, because having pre-announced, we can shave off some time off the procedure that follows. Unfortunately, not much time to write about it now - but if you're interested, keep an eye on TED for the publication.

And what came of the HF vs UHF question? In the end, we decided to specify on functionality rather than choosing ourselves, leaving it to the companies to propose the best system for our wishes. In our quality demands, we do value speed and reliability with a formula which multiplies the squared values for these. This makes for an interesting challenge, we hope - a functioning UHF system that lives up to the expectations could earn a *lot* of points, but it would need to be both fast and reliable for that. And the values need to be proven in a proof of concept.

More later... interesting times!